Sunday, February 17, 2013

Pro-Freedom Bills In Des Moines

Here's a rundown of some good pro-freedom bills currently in the Iowa legislature.


House Joint Resolution 6 would add an amendment simply stating, "The right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed" to the Iowa Constitution, which currently has NO arms bearing protection.

House File 169 would allow people with valid permits to carry weapons to do so on school grounds. I talked about this bill at some length before it had been issued a bill number.

House File 57 and Senate File 96 provide "that a person may use reasonable force, including deadly force, and a person has no duty to retreat, and has a right to stand the person’s ground, and meet force with force, if the person believes reasonable force, including deadly force, is necessary under the circumstances to prevent death or serious injury to oneself or a third party, or to prevent the commission of a forcible felony."

House File 81 would require "the commissioner of public safety and any issuing officer (county sheriff) shall keep confidential the names and addresses of holders of nonprofessional permits to carry weapons and permits to acquire pistols or revolvers." [Thank you to Between Two Rivers for bringing this one to my attention. Welcome back, stranded!]

Medical Marijuana:

A 2010 poll showed that 64% of Iowans supported legalizing marijuana for medical use with a doctor's approval. Since pharmacies are full of drugs much more addictive and dangerous than marijuana, letting doctors prescribe marijuana to suffering patients seems like a no-brainer.

Senate File 79 would allow for Iowa patients with qualifying conditions to access and use cannabis for medical purposes with a doctor's recommendation. Rep. Bruce Hunter also introduced a similar measure, House File 22, but it appears dead on arrival in the Republican-controlled House.

Food Freedom Bills:

Like many Iowans I buy my milk, pasteurized and processed, in plastic jugs at Fareway like God intended. But I think it's stupid that the government treats people who want to sell or drink raw milk like they are engaged in the trade of child pornography or something. Butt out!

In the State Senate, Senator Kent Sorenson introduced Senate File 61 and 77. SF 61 would place a moratorium "on every state agency’s administration and enforcement of statutes and rules affecting the sale of unprocessed food in this state." SF 77 deals exclusively with dairy and would allow dairy farmers to sell raw milk directly to consumers.

In the House, Representative Schulz has introduced House Study Bill 131, which would also allow raw milk sales.

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