Friday, July 29, 2016

My Pitch For Gary Johnson

I sent this in to my hometown newspaper. It's a bit of an introduction to Gary Johnson and Bill Weld for independent voters who aren't already devoted Trumpists or Clintonistas.

The two-party duopoly has conditioned us Americans to “hold our nose and vote.” However, the candidates that the two entrenched parties have now given us for president may require that we hold both our nose AND our stomach simultaneously, making it difficult to vote at all. They are essentially a crooked politician and a con man. “The Weekly Standard” writer Stephen Hayes calls it a choice between “a congenital liar who jeopardized national security in service of her own ambition” and “an unstable conspiracy theorist.” No wonder Americans of all political stripes are fed up.

Thankfully there is another choice: Libertarian Party candidate Governor Gary Johnson. His running mate is Governor Bill Weld. The Johnson/Weld team describe themselves as “fiscally conservative” and “socially tolerant.” “We want the government out of your pocketbook and out of your bedroom,” Weld summed up on CNN's Libertarian town hall. The “Wall Street Journal” calls the Johnson/Weld ticket an “honorable alternative” to the Trump/Clinton sleaze-fest.

Gary Johnson served two successful terms as governor of New Mexico, vetoing more bills than all other governors combined, lowering taxes and leaving his state with a balanced budget. Weld served two terms as governor of Massachusetts, being reelected by the largest margin in state history.

Can a third-party candidate win the presidency? The two establishment parties have certainly made it difficult, but as the old song goes, “the times they are a-changin'!” Even if Johnson doesn't win remember this: Every vote for Trump or Clinton is a pat on the back of the Republican or Democrat Party saying, “Keep up the good work you're doing in Washington.” Do they deserve that? Each vote for Gary Johnson is a warning shot fired across the bow of the political establishment, telling them to get their act together.

If you want another choice in this year's election, check out Governor Gary Johnson and Governor Bill Weld and their stance on the issues at

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